Edging breaks up the edge, gavel makes a maintenance free edge while protecting the house from termites.

Frontage face-lift

With a simple picture saved from a magazine, Lowndes Landscapes worked with the client to adapt and deliver this classic landscape concept. Timber edging combined with deep gravel and garden areas to break up and redefine this house frontage. Tiny retaining laws create an optical illusion of infinity edged lawns looking downhill. Lawn areas have […]

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Riverbank Restoration St Lucia Apartments

A big thanks to the body corporate of Macquarrie units in being proactive in eradicating infestation of Mother in law’s tongue (Sansevieria species) from the Brisbane River bank at St Lucia. Lowndes Landscapes were engaged to remove and restore the area. Coir logs, jute matting and weephose irrigation combined with native plants Dianella caerulea, Dianella […]

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Tarragindi Landscape Transformation

Total landscape transformation. My clients finished the build on a post war renovator, with just the softscape to go. The brief- turf the verge, screen and soften the retaining wall (and associated 600 wide concrete cantilevered footing), create something interesting (but low maintenance) for guests to look at when arriving, help with the weed choked […]

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Warwick Solar Farm Vegetative Buffer Tree Planting (2)

Warwick Solar Farm- Planting 30,000 trees

Some of the 30,000 trees and shrubs to be planted around the Warwick Solar Farm. Work has started on the planting of a vegetative buffer around the Warwick Solar Farm. In total 30,000 trees and shrubs will be planted around a 5.5km perimeter. The trees and shrubs being planted outside of the perimeter fence. Planting […]

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Lowndes Landscapes Real St After (13)

Softscape my Swimming Pool!

The nineties, so many good things, grunge music, Nirvana etc however it was also the age of the bush rock swimming pool…while the large rock mulch look may have been considered stylish in its day, over time the rock surrounds have become tired and the heat of the rocks has prevented anything growing but the […]

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Easy Architectural Raised Beds

Raised beds are not only a great way to grow your own food, they can be an attractive focal point for any garden. Using some simple principles they can be adapted to any space. Just to recap here are some advantages of traditional raised beds: Save your back, no crouching down, sit on your bench […]

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Making a Small Space Work

The owners of this small backyard in Corinda were so bored with their over grown garden they were keeping the blinds closed just so they didn’t have to look at it! Their request was to create an interesting space that gave them back more lawn area for their two small dogs, plus to have a […]

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The decomposed granite path is great for games and passive enjoyment of the garden.

Nature Play Playground

This week I revisited a job from 12 months ago. The client brief was to create a play space for two young boys, with plenty of scope for active and imaginative play, as well as an area that was great for gardening. Happily it has all worked out, today the playground area is used and […]

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