Garden re-boot, Coorparoo

My client had a deteriorating timber retaining wall, and received quotes for its removal and replacement. Choking on the quotes received, they turned to Lowndes Landscapes. For way less than the received quotes, not only was the timber replaced with hard wearing corten steel retaining, but there was ample budget to replace and rejuvenate the entire front garden.

Check out the gallery below, where through design consultation it was decided that the 1990’s agave and dracaena’s had to go. The old basic path structure was revived, steel edging added for sleek definition (including replacing rotten timber retaining), soil and drip irrigation added, and finally hoop pine mulch to give a fresh new life. Now watering the whole garden is as easy as turning on the tap, no water splashing or wasted, and some very happy native plants.

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