Landscape Design and Construct

Want to build your dream yard but don’t know how to go about it? Firstly you need someone to translate what you are thinking into a scaled landscape design.

Here’s how it works:

Contact– via email (limited area for design and construct Moorooka and surrounding suburbs Southside Brisbane);

Visit– We meet on site and discuss requirements, we can assess what kind of design is required;

Engage– designs available from $330 for a back or front yard;

Deliverables– detailed scaled landscape plan including garden and lawn areas, edging details, plants (anything from tubestock to ex ground trees), feature areas and vegetative screening, drip irrigation. This plan can then be sent out to landscapers for competitive quotes. Alternatively I have clients who have gone on to build the landscape themselves. It’s much easier to know where you are headed with a map in hand.

Construct– Once the plan is delivered I can also quote on the plan, depending on availability. If the quote is accepted I take the cost of the design off the landscape construction quote.

My work is mostly suited to garden rejuvenation and new builds, and over time I have hopefully refined a style that suits most people’s requirements. The important thing is to offer materials and plant selections that are readily available and easily constructed. My designs are a ‘skin’ over the landscape. Here is a gallery of my last dozen Design and Construct jobs:

I work predominantly with steel and timber edging, with a strong emphasis on native plants including many that are endemic to eco systems in our regional landscape.