Highgate Hill Rain Forest Restoration

Located off Dornoch Tce Highgate Hill Solargreen has been engaged by 3 adjoining land owners to restore degraded steep land that used to have an intact canopy that was destroyed in the storms 2 years ago. In the meantime, many obnoxious weed trees and vines have sprung up, forming, for one of the residences, an almost impenetrable barrier to entry, leaving the owners despondent that they had permanently lost control! Enter Solargreen and Peter Wolfe’s Bobcat Hire. Peter’s 35 years of experience becomes invaluable, working on steep and difficult terrain. With Bamboo infestations and other weeds a bobcat is the only viable option when you need to get things done. The trick now will be to replant quickly and maintain the area for the next two years.

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