Softscape my Swimming Pool!

The nineties, so many good things, grunge music, Nirvana etc however it was also the age of the bush rock swimming pool…while the large rock mulch look may have been considered stylish in its day, over time the rock surrounds have become tired and the heat of the rocks has prevented anything growing but the toughest weeds.

Using hardwood posts and modern powder coated panels, the pool fence was upgraded, while the bush rock surrounds were ‘gardened over’ with raised beds. A large raised vege garden softens the fence and makes the backyard more of an intimate and interactive space.  Finally some of the former rock mulch was taken up and replaced with softer lawn creating a nice vista to the swimming pool. Sure it still has a 90’s core, still rocking out only it’s now softer on the edges!

Covering over hot rock mulch
Rock edging removed and replaced with lawn
Corner softened with seating and raised beds.
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